Retirement Plans

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What is a
Retirement Plan?

Retirement Savings Plans are medium or long-term investments that can finance different objectives, while maintaining the flexibility to withdraw the capital at any time. They also allow to deal with unforeseen challenges, such as serious illness or long-term unemployment. A retirement plan can also be subscribed in segregated sub-accounts for various leisure purposes such as travel, car purchase and education, benefiting from the lower tax rates on capital gains.

* 0% redeption, subscription and transfer fee.
In addition, we don't have any other maintenance, sub-account creation and automation savings costs.

Award-Winning Funds

Annual Total Returns(1)

Retirement Plan Min. investment 5-Year Since inception Risk
PPR Agressivo 5
PPR Ativo 4
PPR Equilibrado 4
PPR Moderado 4

Maximum stock exposure

Each Retirement Plan has a maximum limit of stock exposure, which means it can be lower or equal to that limit. The management team adjusts this split according to the market analysis it carries out on a regular basis.

PPR Agressivo


PPR Ativo


PPR Equilibrado


PPR Moderado

Taxation of Retirement Plans

Retirement plan taxes in Portugal are very favorable due tolow capital gains tax

For retirement plans, the tax is withheld only upon redemption, allowing the capitalization of interest and earnings until then.

Investment period Up to 5 years 5 to 8 years More than 8 years
Not compliant with law requirements 21,5% 17,2% 8,6%
Compliant with law requirements(2) 8,0% 8,0% 8,0%

Annual Tax Benefit

By investing in a Retirement plan, you can benefit from an annual tax reduction and deduct 20% on your personal income tax (IRS) of the subscribed amount, up to €400 per person.

Your age Min. investment Deduction earned
Below 35 2 000 € 400 €
35 to 50 1 750 € 350€
More than 50 (not retired) 1 500 € 300€

How to invest in our
Retirement Plans

If you are already a Client the subscription process is very simple:

  • Access Optimize Client Portal
  • In the side menu select Operations and fill the required information
  • Transfer the amount to be invested to
    Name: Optimize SGOIC
    IBAN: PT50006100500551230150081

(1) Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of the shares can increase or decrease depending on the risk level that varies between 1 (minimum risk) and 7 (maximum risk). The fund’s Prospectus and the Sub-funds KIIDs are available on the commercializing entities. The returns mentioned are net of management and deposit fees, audit costs and supervisory fee. The figures disclosed imply the taxation borne by the collective investment undertaking and the eventual payment of capital gains tax are investors responsibility. Investing in the collective investment undertaking may result in the loss of invested capital. The disclosed annualized performance measures, calculated based on a period exceeding one year, would only be obtained if the investment was made during the entire reference period. The average annual returns of the Optimize PPR Ativo (started on 25-09-2008), Optimize PPR Equilibrado (started on 25-09-2008), Optimize PPR Moderado (started on 19-08-2010) and Optimize PPR Agressivo (started on 31-12-2019), are defined between the respective start dates and 31-10-2021 (Since inception), between 31-12-2020 and 31-10-2021 (YTD) and between 31-10-2016 and 31-10-2021 (5-year).

(2) Conditions in the Law for reimbursement: retirement, over 60 years old, education expenses and payment of mortgage and over 5 years of investment duration, serious illness, death, long-term unemployment and permanent incapacity for work.